4 Reasons to Experience Laughing Yoga (Fri., 6/20, 5:30 p.m.)

We know many of you are curious to learn more about Laughing Yoga, so we asked Susan Polk to share some additional information about this style.  Remember that Susan’s Laughing Yoga class meets this Friday (6/20) at 5:30 p.m. at 4yoga at The Pots Place, 428 E. Main Street)!

Four Reasons to Experience Laughing Yoga

Bring a friend and experience the joyful benefits of laughter paired with yoga.

1. Laughing Yoga Relaxes Your Mind

Our minds and bodies are all too often overworked and overwhelmed by unexpected circumstances and demanding schedules. By focusing on gentle yoga breathing (pranayama) and laughter, tense muscles loosen and anxiety diminished in exchange for a joyful state of calm and ease.

2. Laughing Yoga Increases Endorphins

You may have heard of “runner’s high” when a runner triggers a euphoric state when endorphins are released by the brain from an extended run. This release of endorphins exists and it’s possible to trigger it in other ways. One way to increase the amount of endorphins your body produces is through controlled-breathing in laughing yoga.

3. Laughing Yoga Strengthens Your Immune System

We all want to feel healthier and get sick less often (or never!) each year. Laughing yoga can help strengthen our immune systems “by releasing neuropeptides that help fight stress and other more serious illness.” What’s more, studies have proven the effectiveness of laughter and comedic relief in our lives when fighting illness. Whether you’re combatting a serious illness or hoping to stave off the common cold this year, laughing yoga can help improve the health of your immune system.

4. Laughing Yoga Helps Us Connect With Each Other

You may recall uncontrollably laughing as a child until your body hurt, maybe even until your laughter brought you in tears. Since its launch in Mumbai in 1995, laughing yoga has drawn people together from all around the world, connecting our everyday lives of today with this same childlike joy found only through laughter and community.

Read more about the history of laughing yoga as well as its benefits in “Laughing for Life” by Paula Felps from February 2014’s Live Happy magazine.


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