Return of the book club! Join us Sun., Feb. 26, to discuss Stolen Focus!

We are excited to announce the return of the 4yoga book club! Thank you to those of you who told us that you missed these opportunities to gather together, to discuss a shared book…and to enjoy some refreshments!

For the reboot of the 4yoga book club, we have selected Johann Hari’s Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention and How to Think Deeply Again. Join Heather and Angie at the second-floor lounge at the studio on Sun., Feb. 26, at 1 p.m. For this community discussion, we welcome anyone interested in the book and its topic to join us.

In our practice of yoga and meditation, we work to become aware of where our focus rests—and how often our attention drifts away. We may, therefore, be especially aware of the current “attention crisis” in our culture, where teenagers are able to focus on a task for only 65 seconds and office employees’ attention averages only 3 minutes.

Our book for this discussion reveals 12 causes of the attention crisis and provides strategies for restoring our focus. If you prefer to purchase a book, many formats are available. If you prefer to borrow it, the Warren County Public Library holds print, e-book, and audiobook copies in its collection.

For February’s meeting, we expect to dive most deeply into chapters 1–9; however, we welcome you to attend regardless of how much or how little of the book you have been able to read. We hope you can join us to discuss what has stolen our focus and how we can work to get it back!

If you’d like to keep up with the event on Facebook, please indicate “interested” or “going” on its event page. We will provide a few snacks and beverages to accompany our discussion—if you are inclined and able, please bring something to contribute. Finally, if you were hoping to attend the 4 p.m. yoga class that afternoon, do not worry: our conversation will conclude in time for participants to move from the lounge to the studio for class.

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Welcoming 2023: 38 yoga classes, meditation workshop, social opportunities

As we greet a new year, we also acknowledge the one that has just concluded.  We know that 2022 provided challenges to many members of our community, and we hope your yoga and meditation practices have supported you as you have navigated those challenges.  

While this transitional period from one year to the next emphasizes the change in the calendar—reminiscing about the past and forecasting the future—yoga calls us to be in the present.  Whether we complete an asana practice, try different pranayama or breathing exercises, or read yogic texts, yoga gives us tools to remain in the now. 

To explore ways you can remain present, please join us in January:  we are offering 38 in-studio yoga classes, a Zoom meditation workshop, and two opportunities to socialize.

January highlights:

  • Meditation Made Easy Workshop.  We are delighted to announce the return of these affordable and accessible meditation workshops with Danny Brewington from Nashville!  If your 2023 plans include beginning, supporting, or expanding a meditation practice, join us on Zoom on Sat., Jan. 21, at 11 a.m. for a 90-minute workshop. This month’s session focuses on the sixth chakra; please see this post for a full description.  To keep up with the workshop and receive reminders, check out its Facebook event; if you are ready to register, click here.
  • Leslie Farewell Gathering.  As we previewed in our December email, we will celebrate Leslie Weigel’s many contributions to Bowling Green’s yoga community with a farewell gathering on Thurs., Jan. 5, after the 4 p.m. class.  Join us in the upstairs lounge at The Pots Place to thank Leslie for her commitment to our community and to wish her well in Connecticut.
  • Yoga Social before Lost River Sessions.  You may have already noticed that Lost River Sessions is back, with its first show of the year on Thurs., Jan. 19, at the Capitol.  We will gather for a yoga social at 5:30 p.m. to enjoy snacks and beverages before strolling down to the Capitol for the concert.
  • New afternoon Gentle class.  To complement our morning offerings of Gentle yoga on Mondays and Thursdays, Angie will teach an afternoon class, at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesdays.  If your schedule makes an afternoon class easier to attend, please join her on Tuesdays!

Introduction to Yoga:  If you would like to explore what yoga is and can offer you or would find it useful to have a casual private class before joining open classes, sign up here for an affordable introductory class tailored to your schedule and goals. 

For a complete January schedule, please check out the online calendar.

We look forward to seeing you in 2023 and hope that the new year provides just what you need.

Capitol Alley
Jan. 6, 2022
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Meditation Made Easy returns on Jan. 21, 2023!

Would you like to begin the new year with meditation?

Whether you are curious about meditation and its benefits, new to meditating, returning to meditation after a break, or continuing to build your practice, we hope you can join us for the first Meditation Made Easy Workshop of 2023. Our workshop leader is Danny Brewington, who shares his decades of experiences as a meditator, yogi, and teacher of meditation and yoga with our community.

This 90-minute workshop takes place on Sat., Jan. 21, 2023, 11 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

To make the workshop easily accessible, we host it on Zoom. To make the workshop affordable, we offer it for an investment of $20. To learn more, keep reading. If you’re ready to sign up, register here.

About the workshop:

The ability to visualize what you want and then manifest it in the world is a power that we all have, but seldom can we utilize it effectively. It takes wisdom to filter out the noise of our fears and desires and to know intuitively what we truly need on the path of our evolution.

Our everyday perception is tuned to the outside world, but our “brow chakra” is tuned to psychic perception. This is the home of higher intelligence and intuitive understanding—wisdom beyond teaching or academic learning.

This workshop will explore the sixth chakra and how we can re-connect to this Infinite Field of intelligence. Join us as we continue the journey through the chakras and the path to enlightenment.

About the workshop leader:

Danny Brewington is a Tennessee native who discovered meditation in 1987. Now, with over 30 years of study and practice, he enjoys great powers of concentration, breathing control, and expanded awareness. His understanding of meditation comes from a combination of philosophies, technologies, and life experiences. He hopes to inspire others to transform their lives with the power of meditation.

How to register:

To sign up for the workshop, just complete this brief form and submit your payment. Angie will then forward you the Zoom link the evening before the workshop meets.

If you use Facebook and find it helpful to receive reminders from that platform, reply “interested” or “going” on the workshop’s event page. Post any questions you have to the event page and share it with friends who may also be interested.

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December (2022) schedule: 35 yoga classes + yoga social

We look forward to practicing with and supporting our community in this final month of the year!

December special events:

  • Yoga Social!  Want to check out the BG Downtown Lights Up events, including the lighting of a tree at Circus Square, the lighting of Fountain Square Park, or the gallery hop?  Meet at the studio on Fri., Dec. 2, at 5 p.m. for a festive holiday cocktail together before we head out to explore the sights and enjoy the activities.
  • Restorative Guided Relaxation classes.  To provide opportunities to rest and relax deeply during the holiday season, Angie is offering two special classes on Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m.  Join her on Dec. 14 or on Dec. 28 to experience a series of restorative yoga poses to unclench the body followed by a deep, guided relaxation to rest both body and mind.

Other notes:

  • Planning to attend Beshka’s class on Sat., Dec. 3, at 9 a.m.?  Please allow extra time to park and walk to the studio because some streets will be blocked for two events:  the Miracle on College Street race at 8:30 a.m. and the Jaycees Christmas Parade at 9:30 a.m.  Parking on Main, uphill from Chestnut, is often a good plan. [Update: the parade was postponed to Sat., Dec. 10.]
  • As is tradition, we will not hold classes on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day; however, for New Year’s Eve class, join Shigeko at 9 a.m.!
  • Know someone who could benefit from a personalized introduction to yoga?  (Or maybe that “someone” is you!)  Find out more about our on-demand introductory class and start the scheduling process here.

Transition:  As you may have heard, Leslie Weigel will soon be departing Bowling Green for a new home in Connecticut!  Fortunately for us, she will teach several classes in December, so come practice with her this month!  Also save the date for Thurs., Jan. 5, when we will host a farewell gathering after the 4 p.m. class.  Watch the January email for details, and come mark this transition with Leslie and the rest of our community.

Whatever your month holds, we hope you can make time for yourself: please let us know how we can support you in the remainder of the year and into 2023.

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November (2022) schedule: 32 yoga classes

As we look ahead to this season of gratitude, those of us at 4yoga are especially grateful for you and the part that you have played and continue to play in our community yoga adventure—we hope to have an opportunity to practice together in November!

Here are a couple of specific notes to help you plan for the first weekend of the month:

  • Sat., Nov. 5: the Veterans Day parade begins downtown at 10 a.m. If you would like to leave immediately after Heather’s 9 a.m. Basics class, we recommend parking off the square and walking to the studio. (Here is the parade route, as described on the city’s website: “The parade route begins and ends near Circus Square Park, traveling up College Street, turning left onto 10th Avenue; then, left onto State Street and ends at 6th and State Street.”)
  • Sun., Nov. 6: in honor of the World’s Greatest Studio Tour, The Pots Place will be open on Sunday afternoon. To recognize this annual celebration of local artists, Angie will be offering “bring a friend for free” for the 4 p.m. Basics class. So round up a friend, check out some of the stops on the tour, and join us for yoga!

And, finally, for those of you who enjoy Danny Brewington’s Meditation Made Easy workshops, we want to let you know that Danny has decided to pause the series in November and host the next workshop in January. We look forward to sharing details about that workshop with you soon.

The Pots Place
Oct. 27, 2022
photo by Heather Kessler
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Celebrating Our 11th Anniversary in September!

Although we’re late to share this month’s announcement here on the website, we hope you understand why: we have been busy celebrating our 11th anniversary with a variety of special classes and events! In fact, those celebrations have motivated even Dolly Kessler (pictured below) to get in on the action!

Whether you have been practicing with us since 4yoga’s founding or are still finding your way to the classes that will best support you, we hope to see you in September as we celebrate our eleventh anniversary!  We appreciate all the support from our community as we have embarked upon, built, and sustained this community yoga experiment.

To celebrate our eleventh anniversary, we have assembled eleven special events, and we think there is something for everyone:

  • Missing outdoor classes?  Join Heather or Shigeko!
  • Curious about a one-time class at the studio*?  Join Angie or Frances!
  • Looking for support in meditation?  Join Danny Brewington from Nashville on Zoom for the Meditation Made Easy workshop! 
  • Wanting opportunities to connect and chat?  Join Beshka, Heather, Leslie, or Trudy after class for coffee, happy hour, or dinner!

For a chronological rundown of the month’s events, see the list below (to make them easy to find, we’ve italicized classes and workshops in this list):

  1. Thurs., Sept 1:  coffee with Angie after the Gentle class.
  2. Sat., Sept. 3:  coffee with Beshka after the Basics class.
  3. Sun., Sept. 4, 8:30 a.m.:  Sunrise Yoga with Heather at Circus Square Park. Fill up your coffee thermos and join Heather Sunday morning for an outdoor, donation-based yoga class at Circus Square Park. Hang around and enjoy the sunshine afterwards!
  4. Mon., Sept. 5:  coffee with Leslie after the Labor Day class.
  5. Fri., Sept. 9, 5:30 p.m.:  Restorative Guided Relaxation with Angie at the studio.  Looking for a chance to unwind at the end of the week?  We’ll begin by relaxing the body in supported, restorative yoga poses and then allow the mind to relax as Angie guides us through a yoga nidra practice. 
  6. Sat., Sept. 10:  Meditation Made Easy workshop with Danny Brewington on Zoom.  This month, our meditation workshop’s focus moves to the throat chakra and self-expression.  Whether you have taken previous workshops with Danny or are looking to learn more about meditation from an experienced meditator and teacher, you will benefit from this 90-minute session!  Read more on our website, or register here.
  7. Mon., Sept. 12:  coffee with Trudy after the Gentle class.
  8. Mon., Sept. 12:  dinner with Heather after the Basics class.
  9. Sat., Sept. 17, 10:30 a.m.:  Outdoor Yoga with Shigeko at the airport.  Missing outdoor yoga at our pandemic location, the Bowling Green-Warren County Airport?  Then join Shigeko as she brings back an opportunity to practice here!
  10. Thurs., Sept. 22:  happy hour with Heather after the Basics class.
  11. Fri., Sept. 30, 9 a.m.:  Yoga for Managing Arthritis with Frances. Arthritis in its different forms can have a negative impact on all areas of life. Fortunately, yoga’s deep breathing, meditation, visual imagery, and physical movement can benefit both the physical and psychological well-being of those with arthritic conditions.  Join Frances to learn more!

* As we continue to practice ahimsa (non-harming), we welcome vaccinated folks to in-studio classes and everyone to outdoor classes.  At this time, although masks are not required, they are encouraged because Warren County’s COVID-19 community level is high. (Data current as of Sept. 2.) 

Again, we thank all of you for your support since 2011; we are grateful to continue to serve the Bowling Green community!

Dolly Kessler is excited about our 11th anniversary!
Photo credit: Heather Kessler.
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Meditation Made Easy: Throat Chakra on Sept. 10, 2022

Have you been looking for an opportunity to learn about and practice meditation with an experienced teacher? Or maybe you’ve been meditating on your own for awhile and would like to connect with a community of other meditators? Or perhaps you have been reading and hearing about the benefits of meditation but aren’t sure where to begin?

If any of these descriptions fits you, we would love to welcome you to the September edition of our Meditation Made Easy workshop! Read on for more information about the workshop and its leader—or, if you’re ready to sign up, click here to register.

Workshop description: We each have our own unique talents, skills, and vantage points. Your gift to the world is expressing yours: if you block them, the world will not have them.

It is the throat chakra that makes our passion and life’s purpose a reality.

First, we must find our most heart-felt desires, our hopes and dreams for the future; then, we are tasked with making our dreams come true.

Join us as we continue the journey through the chakras and on the path to enlightenment.

About Danny Brewington: Danny is a Tennessee native who discovered meditation in 1987. Now, with over 30 years of study and practice, he enjoys great powers of concentration, breathing control, and expanded awareness. His understanding of meditation comes from a combination of philosophies, technologies, and life experiences. He hopes to inspire others to transform their lives with the power of meditation.

Investment: the investment for this 90-minute workshop is $20. Register here to receive the Zoom link.

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Announcing August schedule: 35 drop-in yoga classes

We hope the transition to the new month finds all members of our community doing well.  In a recent training workshop Angie Jones completed, Gary Kraftsow, founder of The American Viniyoga Institute, noted, “The only value of yoga is how it serves the practitioner.” We hope you find something on our August schedule to serve yourself and, if so, we invite you to join us.

This month we offer 35 yoga classes, and the full schedule is available here.  Plans are also underway for our second Yoga Social, which is tentatively scheduled for the evening of Thurs., Aug. 25. Watch our Facebook page for more details!

If you—or anyone you know— is seeking a private or a semi-private introduction or re-introduction to yoga, sign up for a special class with Angie. Read more on this post, or begin the scheduling process by completing this brief form.

As we continue to practice ahimsa (non-harming), we welcome vaccinated folks to in-studio classes.  At this time, masks are optional; however, please do wear a mask if you have any symptoms of or exposure to someone with COVID-19.  Also be aware that Warren County’s COVID-19 community level remains at medium, with the entire state currently either medium or high.  (Data current as of July 28.)

The Pots Place as seen from Fountain Square.
Aug. 6, 2022
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Welcome July: yoga classes, meditation workshop, new intro class!

As we move into July, we are excited to share the new month’s schedule, featuring 33 regular yoga classes and a meditation workshop.  We look forward to seeing you at the studio (for yoga classes) or on Zoom (for the meditation workshop)—or perhaps even both ways!

To join us for yoga classes, just drop in when your schedule allows.  If you are in town for the Independence Day holiday, we hope you can join us for a class! If you’re traveling this weekend, though, we look forward to seeing you later in the month.

In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, we are also excited to announce a new, more flexible, option for a private or semi-private introduction to yoga, provided at the time and date you select!  Read more here or start the scheduling process by completing this brief form.

July also provides another meditation workshop with guest teacher Danny Brewington!  Although this workshop is part of a series exploring the chakras individually, it is also a standalone experience—everyone is welcome, whether you are brand new to meditation, are beginning to develop a meditation practice, or have been meditating for years. 

About the workshop:  If disease is the result of an “imbalance,” then healing is the act of restoring balance. When our hearts are open and balanced, our very presence radiates love and joy. This love is the essence of true healing.

To open our hearts, we must transcend ego and our self-defined boundaries; only then can we merge into the ecstasy of love. In this class, we’ll look into the heart of the matter: the fourth chakra—the gateway between our humanity and our divinity. At the heart chakra level of consciousness, we can see how all things are unified by the power of love.

Join us as we continue the journey through the chakras and on the path to enlightenment.

About Danny Brewington: Danny is a Tennessee native who discovered meditation in 1987. Now, with over 30 years of study and practice, he enjoys great powers of concentration, breathing control, and expanded awareness. His understanding of meditation comes from a combination of philosophies, technologies, and life experiences. He hopes to inspire others to transform their lives with the power of meditation.

To register:  complete this brief form to sign up!  (Pre-registration and pre-payment is necessary to receive the Zoom link for this workshop.)

For the full July studio schedule, please see the calendar.

Public health: to practice ahimsa (non-harming), we continue to welcome vaccinated folks to in-studio classes.  Following current CDC guidance, masks are optional; however, please note that Warren County’s COVID-19 community level has increased from low to medium.  Therefore, teachers and students may be more likely to choose to mask.  (Data current as of June 29.)

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Seeking a personalized introduction to yoga? Sign up for our new class!

During the first half of 2022, we have enjoyed welcoming folks to the studio for pre-scheduled, monthly Introduction to Yoga sessions. To offer more scheduling flexibility and provide more customized classes, we are happy to introduce a new, on-demand, model for introductory classes. Read on to learn about this new class, or click here if you are ready to schedule!

Do you want to explore yoga and how it can benefit you but are not sure where to begin? Or maybe you’ve been away from your practice for awhile and are looking for a refresher session? Let us help with an affordable, convenient Intro to Yoga class!

Prefer to have a private, 1:1 introduction? Great—this session is available to solo students!
Prefer to attend with friends? Wonderful—this session can accommodate up to 5 students!

About the class: In this casual, 60-minute class, Angie will welcome you to the 4yoga studio, review some of the many benefits of practicing yoga, and guide you through a brief and accessible yoga practice customized to your needs. We will also address your questions and discuss how to modify poses and use props.

Location: The 4yoga studio, which is located upstairs at The Pots Place in downtown Bowling Green, overlooking Fountain Square Park. Its address is 428 East Main Avenue.

Public health: We ask that you be vaccinated to attend, and we encourage but do not require participants to mask while in the building.

About the teacher: Angie Jones has been teaching yoga since 2011, when she completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program. Later that year, she collaborated with three other yoga teachers to found 4yoga, a studio designed to provide accessible and affordable yoga to the Bowling Green community. Angie has learned from and appreciates her many teachers, including at Sanctuary for Yoga in Nashville and at Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, NC. She especially enjoys introducing folks to yoga and its many physical and mental benefits.

Investment: This introductory class is offered at a flat fee of $25 for 1-5 participants. Advance payment is required, using PayPal, Venmo, or check.

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