Memorial Day weekend schedule (2017): join us for any or all of our 6 classes!

If your Memorial Day weekend plans have you in Bowling Green, either as a resident or as a guest, please join us for a yoga class!  4yoga will maintain its usual class schedule on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and hold a special holiday class on Monday, giving you 6 opportunities to practice:

  • Friday, 5/26:  9:30 a.m. Gentle class with Angie.
  • Friday, 5/26:  5:30 p.m. Yin class with Alice & Angie (Living Our Yoga class focusing on the 5th and final yama, aparigraha or non-possessiveness).
  • Saturday, 5/27:  9 a.m. Basics class with Cre.
  • Sunday, 5/28:  8:30 a.m. Spiritual Warrior class with Cre.
  • Sunday, 5/29:  4 p.m. Basics class with Nicole.
  • Monday, 5/29:  9 a.m. Mixed class with Chie.

If you are visiting our studio for the first time, note that there is no need to pre-register for a class, although we do encourage new students to arrive about 15 minutes early. Also, you are welcome to borrow mats and other props at no additional charge.

All of our classes last 70 minutes, and our class fee is $5/class, payable by cash or check.

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