Training Thursday: Deb’s 3-day “urban retreat” in London!

As teachers continue learning about yoga, we continue to share Training Thursday posts, and this one takes us to London!

In March 2019, Deb Logan completed a three-day/20-hour immersion with Stephanie Snyder, founder of Love Story Yoga in San Francisco and popular teacher on the online platform Yogaglo. The workshop was hosted by triyoga Camden in London.  As Stephanie described the workshop, its content was “consistent with my teacher training offerings and designed to feel as supportive as it does informative.” 

Deb notes several benefits to the training:

Through such practices as pranayama, chanting, asana, somatic yoga, and in-depth discussions about yoga theory and its practical application, Stephanie promoted her aim to “fill your cup” with a view toward rejuvenation. This immersion was challenging while also deeply restful and restorative. From big-picture overviews to individual participants’ concerns about personal practice and teaching issues, the workshop…strengthened what I already knew while opening up potential new layers of understanding.

In addition, Deb appreciated the immersion’s “discussions about yogic philosophy, primarily emphasizing the Bhagavad Gita, and its applications to ourselves as teachers and as students, to our life experiences, and to those in our inner and outer circles with whom we interact. Applications linking physical with emotional resistance were particularly insightful, especially those addressing deep-seated trauma and its relation to yoga practice.”

For an upcoming opportunity to practice with Deb, join her on Sat., June 15, at 4 p.m. for the Basics/Restorative class!

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