Putting Meditation Back on the Mat

Kim spotted this article in the Saturday, 4/21/12 New York Times.  Here is the link:


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3 Responses to Putting Meditation Back on the Mat

  1. Angie says:

    Thanks for sharing that link, Kim and Erica! I had not seen the article yet, and I enjoyed it. I was surprised to hear how popular some of the meditation classes had become (and how many classes some studios were offering). I also enjoyed this quote from one of the meditation teachers:

    “Meditation is no longer seen as fringe, esoteric and weird,” Ms. Salzberg said. “Its main association is now its link as a stress-reduction modality, and not just for coping, but also for flourishing.”

    • 4yoga says:

      Angie, a bumper sticker quote for dog lovers popped into my mind as I read the quote you posted: “More wag, less bark” . In other words, to live in a state of more joy and peace instead of fear and anxiety can be a result of a meditation practice.

      • Angie says:

        I just today received a catalog advertising a t-shirt with that same slogan! Perhaps I will have to order one to remind myself of these benefits of practicing meditation. 🙂

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