Study shows possible benefits of meditation to Alzheimer’s patients

A student shared this article, recently published in the Bowling Green Daily News, with us at class.  Although we were unsuccessful finding the source online (so no link), we did scan it so we could upload the full piece here.

From the article:

For the study on meditation and Alzheimer’s, researchers enrolled 15 older adults with memory problems that ranged from mild age-associated memory impairment to mild impairment, on a Kirtan Kriya mantra-based meditation course.  Participants meditated 12 minutes per day for eight weeks.  The control group listened to classical music for the same amount of time over eight weeks.

Early findings showed a (surprising) substantial increase in cerebral blood flow in the patients’ prefrontal, superior frontal, and superior parietal cortices, and also better cognitive function in the group that performed regular meditation.

Studies show meditation, aromatherapy may help fight against Alzheimer's

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  1. Erica says:

    wondering how to practice kirtan kriya ? Here is a link that explains how to do this practice:

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