May 2012 Newsletter

As we continue to follow the upward movement of energy from the core roots and heart compassion, we come to the fifth chakra, vishuddha, in the throat. Here we express the truth of who we are in our voice. Willpower is a key issue of this chakra. As a practice off the mat, a suggestion is to see if you can only speak, shout out or sing what is true for you this month. Just bring awareness to your speech and notice how often you do or do not speak what is true for you! On the mat, some asanas that focus on vishuddha are fish, camel, shoulderstand and modifications. We look forward to another month of practice with you! Om….

In May, we are also excited to announce the launch of a new Sunday-morning class. Lindsey Bale will offer a 9 a.m. Sunday class we are calling “Sunergy” (Sunday + energy). Sunergy is an energetic practice incorporating classic poses designed to invigorate your Sunday morning. It is not any particular style of yoga, but a name we created to indicate that it is somewhere between flow and basics. The practice is suitable for students at all levels except complete beginners (we welcome beginners at any of our basics or gentle classes). Lindsey has been a part of the yoga community in Bowling Green and completed the teacher training with Angie and Kim in April 2011. She has recently returned from Africa for her work and is ready to join us with her enthusiastic approach to yoga.

In addition to adding the Sunday class at 9 a.m., we have moved Saturday basics class to 9 a.m. to make the weekend morning schedule consistent and easy to remember. Although we are discontinuing the 8 a.m. Saturday class, we hope to see those of you who attended that class at one of our other weekend offerings.

Here on the website, there are two ways to access the May schedule:  a PDF to provide an easily printable version and the online calendar.  Both are available at the Class Calendar tab above–or via this link: .  And hard copies are, of course, always available at class.  We also invite those of you on Facebook to “like” 4yoga there for regular brief updates throughout the month.

May guest teachers and special events:

  • Friday, 5/4: 6:45 p.m. yoga talk and meditation with Erica (no charge, everyone welcome)
  • Friday, 5/18: 5:30 p.m. class will be restorative with Lindsey Bale
  • Monday, 5/28 (Memorial Day): 9 a.m. mixed-level class with Lindsey Bale (all levels welcome)
  • Tuesday, 5/29: 9:30 a.m. gentle class with Kathie Downs

All classes meet at Dance Images, 1803 Creason Street, and the class fee is $5. If you have any questions or feedback for us, please ask one of us at class or send an email to this address:

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1 Response to May 2012 Newsletter

  1. 4yoga says:

    Just curious to know if anyone has actually picked one day to pay attention to their speech, only speak what is true, and what did you observe?

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