Remove the static

In contemplating this month’s focus of attachment, I came across some commentary in the Bhagavad Gita, a classic text in the yoga tradition. It basically said that attachment and desires are like static in the mind, blocking the clarity of the channel of intuition, the program we want to hear. This keeps the mind constantly restless. To have the stance that we take actions in the world as part of the flow of the source of creation(whatever name you have for this is ok) and not for our egos reduces this static. Nothing is mine, not even my body! My mind and body are vessels of action and expression in the play of divine creation. Here is a metaphor for the play. Just as the light coming through a projector passes through the film which creates the illusion of many objects onto the screen and creates the movie, at their essence all the objects are light. Enjoy the play of your life. (Brian is waiting for the musical 🙂 )   -Erica

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