March Focus and Schedule

Dear Friends,

Here we are entering March! In this region, March is considered a transition month from winter to spring. It is easy to see the cyclical pattern of change in the seasons. The emergence of spring out of winter, which can symbolize death, teaches that there is no death, only transformation. It is not so easy to see that this pattern or cycle can be applied to almost everything which is subject to change: something is created, it exists for a period of time, and then it is transformed. This applies to matter (the stuff everything appears to be made of), relationships, activities, jobs, and even to our thoughts! According to yoga philosophy, only that which is real (our spiritual essence) is not subject to change.

It seems that we are conditioned to think about our lives in a linear path. When we come to the stage of transformation, this linear thinking can label it as “the end” or death. No wonder there is so much fear associated with change. However, when we can apply a “creation cycle theory “of change to our lives, there is no beginning or end, just a continuous cycle of change. Destruction is only the beginning of creation. How many times can you recall where you have felt fear about a change in your life? And yet here we are! In looking back, often we see that endings are indeed the seeds of new beginnings. As we eagerly await the burgeoning new life of spring that we know is coming, remember to go with the flow of change as it comes to you.

The special classes offered by Sunil Kumar, visiting teacher from India, will be continuing in March. For more information about Mr. Kumar, please see his website: International Sivananda Yoga Bhavan. Additional donations for the 90-minute weekend classes are gratefully accepted. We are also continuing the Tuesday evening beginner’s class for the month of March, and new students are welcome to join at any time.

Upcoming changes to regularly scheduled classes and special events:

  • Friday, 3/15: 6:45 p.m. discussion and meditation following the yin class (all are welcome, no fee).
  • Saturday, 2/23: 4:30 p.m. class cancelled. (Sunil will be providing a teacher training to the Bluegrass Yoga Teachers group this afternoon. If you are a local yoga teacher and would be interested in learning more about this event, contact one of us for details.)

Additional housekeeping details:

  • Renovations and updates to The Pots Place continue and are looking good!. At this time, however, we need to use the front door only for classes, including late arrivals. We will update everyone by email and Facebook when we again have access through the back door.
  • Although we hope not to have to use it, we have set an inclement weather policy in case of snow. If we need to cancel class because of the weather, we will announce that cancellation at least one hour before the beginning of the class, and we will share the cancellation both via email and on Facebook. If you would like us to add a supplemental email address for you so that you receive these notices quickly (e.g., if you want both your work and home addresses in our list), please let us know.

For the full March schedule, please see our this section of the site or download the PDF version.


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2 Responses to March Focus and Schedule

  1. 4yoga says:

    Accepting endings is not meant to imply that they are easy! They are very uncomfortable. I guess sadness and grief are our friends just as are happiness and joy. Being able to hold both in one space is the trick…..and when that can happen, transcendence occurs. – Erica.

  2. Meredith says:

    Excellent message.
    Thank you,

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