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For the last few months, I’ve been thinking that I need to shift my teaching schedule.  This means that I’m going to have to stop doing one thing and start doing something different, which means that there’s going to be change.  And as much as I like to pretend that I can just go with the flow, I’m confessing to you here…change isn’t very easy for me.

I’ve been taking my time with this scheduling decision and feeling it out from every possible angle even though, as soon as it occurred to me, I knew the exact change to make. I need a few more hours to offer to my private clients.  Right now, there is this one 45-minute class in the middle of my Friday morning and because of that one class, there is a 4-hour block when I can’t schedule anyone.  The class needs a time-shift or to…

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  1. erica says:

    Great article! I don’t think change is easy for anyone. Being in the transition phase of a major change myself (after the ending and before the beginning is known) is a powerfully emotional time. I have realized that being thrown off by changing circumstances in our lives is inevitable. It is by mastering the ability to pull back into your center, the core of who you are, is where we can find stability. It is like moving into the eye of the hurricane, or sitting in the center of a spinning where. There is great opportunity to examine your reactions and realize that we DO have the power to create our lives with our thoughts! The yoga sutras are a great road-map to first understanding who we are and then a guide to slowly re-shaping ourselves as who we want to be, Know what you want Head for the light!

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