May 2013 focus and schedule

Not only are the spring flowers popping their heads out of the ground to be seen, people are now coming outside to bask in the glory of the outdoors, whether it be to enjoy a favorite sporting event, a festival, or simply a walk. Our senses (i.e. sight, smell, motion, touch, sound) are so delighted!

Swami Kriyananda’s commentary on verse 7:4 in the Bhagavad Gita explains how we may experience this world from a deeper perspective: “the Supreme Spirit, in manifesting the universe, set a portion of its consciousness vibrating to the great sound vibration of AUM (OM).  This is Supreme Spirit in his aspect of Divine Mother…and in its outward manifestations [this outer ‘show’ that we perceive through the senses] such as flowers, sunsets, clouds, stars,etc. can be named Prakriti.”

Prakriti, then, is that manifestation of consciousness through the basic elements of earth, water, fire, air and space that appears as many different forms in our universe.  Oh!  The diversity of life is so immense!  Yet, this Sankhya-Yoga philosophy states that there is only One consciousness and this One is never subject to change and death.

As we feel such joy and inspiration from the beauty of the natural world, we may be inspired to realize the Divine essence expressed in nature; however, true communion with nature can only be accomplished inwardly (meditation) through communion with AUM.  Through regular practice, we can hope to expand into realizing the Oneness that we are instead of contracting into the smallness of feeling separated from our essence.

At 4yoga, in May, we will continue the Tuesday evening beginner’s class, and new students are welcome to join that class at any time.  New students are also particularly welcome at the gentle and basics classes.

May special events:

  • Saturday, 5/11:  11 a.m.-2 p.m.  Potluck lunch to welcome spring and wish Erica well in Colorado (details TBA).
  • Friday, 5/17:  6:45-8 p.m.  Discussion and meditation following the yin class, hosted by Juanita (all are welcome, no fee).
  • Monday, 5/27:  9-10:10 a.m.  Memorial Day class with Susan Tutino (mixed level, all are welcome).

Studio access:

As many of you know, Pot’s Place is again open!  If you find that you will be arriving late to a class, please enter through the back door:  just press the buzzer and wait to have someone buzz you in.  The front door will remain open until the start time of class.

For the full May schedule, please see the calendar page of this site.

Hari Om, friends (Hari Om generally means all is om, all is one)

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