October 2017 focus (Ishvara Pranidhana) and class schedule

As we notice the changing colors of plants and the softer, lower light of the sun in Autumn, we see there is beauty in letting go. Plants let go of active growth as they shut down the process of producing and drop their seeds into the earth where they will rest dormant through the winter darkness and gather resources to strive again for the light in the spring.

Honor your instincts to let go and slow down as you tune in to the natural world; surrender to the life force or ultimate reality that is the source of all life. The egoic nature of humans is to push against this source, to believe that we can dominate it. But we are humbled when we see the news of a hurricane, earthquake, or forest fire. The attitude of surrendering the fruits of your actions to this source of life is a practice called, in the yoga tradition, Ishvara Pranidhana.  In the Upanishads, Ishvara refers to a collective unconsciousness–a concept that on some level we are all one.

In your asana practice, notice when you push yourself to a vigorous flow when your body really needs a restorative class. In the daily actions of life, notice when your mind is not present, when it races ahead to judging the outcome of what you are doing; “Will I be judged as wrong? Will my boss not like me?”  Reel your mind in and complete your action with no attachment to the outcome.  This is the attitude of surrendering to the Ultimate Reality and acknowledging your life as connected to it.

October updates and special events: 
  • Next book club meeting. We will gather on Sun., Oct. 15, at 1:30 p.m. to continue discussing two reach books.  Join us to share your thoughts about Sally Kempton’s Awakening Shakti and/or Rolf Gates’ and Katrina Kenison’s Meditations from the Mat.  Meditations from the Mat is available as an audio book from the Warren County Public Library.  We welcome anyone with an interest in either book to join us; please bring a snack and ideas to share.
  • Classes at The Downing Museum. In October we return to The Downing Museum for our second-Saturday yoga class and fourth-Saturday meditation class.  The class fee remains the same as at the studio ($5), and we are grateful for the opportunity to continue to practice in such a beautiful space.  See our website for links to the online registration forms.
  • Sixth anniversary potluck. On Fri., Oct. 20, we will host a potluck evening at the studio to celebrate six years of practicing together as 4yoga.  Stop by 7-9 p.m., after the Living Our Yoga Yin class concludes.  Or join us for class and stay for the party!
  • Ishvara Pranidhana focus for Living Our Yoga. This month’s Living Our Yoga class, on Fri., Oct. 20, focuses on the fifth and final niyama, Ishvara Pranidhana.  Alice and Angie return to team-teaching this month in this class that combines the traditional yin asanas with thematic readings and teachings to enhance students’ experience and to create conditions that may take them deeper into the mind, body, and spirit aspects of their practice. 
  • 10 a.m. start time for Basics class on Sat., Oct. 21.  On Sat., Oct. 21, several events will travel through or happen in downtown Bowling Green.  One of those is The Medical Center Health 10K Classic, and the race course includes Fountain Square.  Therefore, to give us extra time to reach the studio, we have moved the starting time of that Saturday’s Basics class to 10 a.m.
  • Wednesday 6 a.m. class on hiatus. In October, the 6 a.m. Flow class will go on hiatus; for a Wednesday practice, we invite you to join Leslie for the 9:30 a.m. Basics class or Frances for the 5:30 p.m. Flow class.

For a full list of October activities, please see our online calendar or pick up a hard copy at The Pots Place.  We also post updates each morning on our Facebook page, should you find it convenient to keep up with us there.

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