Training Thursday: Ashley completes Yoga for All training

Thanks for checking out this occasional series on our blog, Training Thursdays!  Today’s installment reports on Ashley’s recent completion of the five-week online Yoga for All program.  Ashley shares these thoughts about what that training provided:

As someone in a larger body, I understand being the “big girl” in a yoga class.  I felt uncomfortable, frustrated, and deflated when I couldn’t get into a pose because I wasn’t offered alternatives or modifications.  Those of us in larger bodies sometimes need different ways to get into and out of poses.

The Yoga For All training prepares yoga teachers to carefully create a class sequence using props and alternatives for those with different body shapes, sizes and abilities.  The class emphasizes how to use body positive, welcoming and inclusive words and phrases. We have lifelong access to numerous videos of modified sequences and full classes, one on one support and an online discussion group.

In addition, Ashley’s current students note the benefits of her training on their classes together:

“She’s my favorite! If you think you CAN’T do yoga, go to her class.  She will meet you right where you are and change your life. #miracleworker”—JS

“Ashley truly believes that yoga is accessible to ALL body types and she provides the supports needed to make it so. I was in the worst physical shape of my life when I went to my first practice, she adapted moves and added supports to make stretches and poses accessible to me—all in a supportive and nonjudgmental way that empowered me to do more than I thought I could. A couple of months later, my body feels better, stronger and looks better too. More importantly, I feel better about myself and am excited for my next yoga practice with her!”—JCS

“Before attending Ashley’s class I did not think my body was capable of yoga. However, after just a few classes I realized it was only my thoughts holding me back. Ashley met me where my body was with guidance, patience, and accommodations that fit ME.” —HB

To learn more about Yoga for All, check out the program’s website.  And, to enjoy classes with Ashley, watch for her appearances on the 4yoga schedule—particularly on December 28, 29, and 30—and in a special 4-week series coming in January!

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