April Focus and Schedule

All around us, new life is rising out of the dark underworld of winter’s hibernation and into the light as grass is getting greener, bulbs are emerging, buds of blossoms are swelling! Can’t you just imagine flinging your arms out, arching backwards and opening your heart and face to the warmth of this light? Think of the spine rounded and draped over the thighs in child’s pose as a seed in winter. Then beginning to stir, the spine unfurls and straightens to stand on knees, stretches and lengthens back allowing the heart to open and shine like the sun in camel pose.

As we open to the emotions invoked by spring, it is important to also stay grounded. Sometimes we have to confront fear, anxiety, anger, jealously, envy, and/or greed (emotions associated with the three lower energy centers of the body) on the way to feeling radiant and expansive joy (accessed in the heart energy center of the body). Just as the sun gives its light unconditionally (no energy bills for solar energy!), allow yourself to expand and open your heart unconditionally remaining aware of the grounding, root energy into the earth. Rise and shine!

We are pleased to welcome two guest teachers this month: Susan Tutino and Susan Polk. Susan Tutino has been teaching in her home studio, Strawberry Fields, and Susan Polk offers classes through Don’t Worry, Be Happy Yoga. We are delighted that both of them will teach at 4yoga in April.

In addition, the special classes offered by Sunil Kumar, visiting teacher from India, will continue through April 10. For more information about Mr. Kumar, please see his website: International Sivananda Yoga Bhavan. Additional donations for the 90-minute weekend classes are gratefully accepted.

We are also continuing the Tuesday evening beginner’s class for the month of April, and new students are welcome to join that class at any time.

Please note that the Friday-morning gentle class is taking a break for April. We invite students who had been attending that class to join the gentle classes that meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 a.m.

April special event:

  • Friday, 4/15: 6:45 p.m. discussion and meditation following the yin class (all are welcome, no fee).

Studio access:
The beautifully remodeled Pot’s Place is open! If you find that you will be arriving late to a class, please enter through the back door: just press the buzzer and wait to have someone buzz you in. The front door will remain open until the start time of class.

For the full April schedule, please see the calendar section of our site.

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