Know your Fascia and Stretch!

This popular clip known to body workers as the “fuzz speech” is awesome!

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2 Responses to Know your Fascia and Stretch!

  1. 4yoga says:

    not easy for me to get past the fact the the visuals are cadavers………..but this really helped me to experience my body in a new way. -Erica

  2. 4yoga says:

    Here’s an Ayurvedic tip for healthy fascia- Hydration is important as we have seen in this video. However, most people think of hydration as drinking water but water in excess strips the body of oil which leads to dryness. So drink when you are thirsty and check the colour of your urine (if it’s dark you are dehydrated, if it’s clear-too much fluids. It should be a light hay colour). Oiling the body everyday helps keep fascia healthy. If you tend to be cold, use unroasted sesame oil (great for the bones!). If you tend to be hot, use coconut oil as it is not so heating as sesame. Always good quality organic. Most of my clients are too dry. If the skin is dry, the fascia will be dry. Adding good quality saturated fats like ghee and coconut oil to your diet is crucial for health. People with weight problems benefit greatly from coconut oil. Shared by Erica, written by Sophie Hawkins, a yoga therapist in London, England

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