August 2013 focus and schedule

“There’s a big, a big hard sun, beatin’ on the big people, in a big, hot world,” note the lyrics of Indio’s “Hard Sun.” This seems like an appropriate description of August in many places.  Yoga Sutra 3.27 states that by samyama (absorption by concentration) on the inner sun, knowledge of many subtle realms can be known.   This inner sun can be found only through meditation and can lead us to a greater awareness of our Self, that essence of who we are.  “Beyond the power of sword and fire, beyond the powers of waters and winds, the Self is everlasting, omnipresent, never changing, never moving, ever one.” – Bhagavad Gita.
As awareness of the Self increases (beyond the ego and its attachments), we experience less anxiety in our lives.  We can gain mastery over the fear of death and cease putting so much of our energy into making permanent what is impermanent, things such as our self-image and whatever we have created in our names. We can begin to identify with the life force that is beyond our personality.   As we continue to enjoy the glory of summertime, it may be useful to make some quiet time in each day for stillness in the body, to experience the even flow of the breath at the bridge of the nostrils, and contemplate the inner sun.  Celebrate your unique life and, as always, have compassion for yourself.

To review the August class schedule, please see the calendar section of the site.

August special event:  Friday, 8/23:  6:45 p.m. Talk/meditation led by Juanita (all are welcome, no charge).

Parking for Friday-night classes:  If you attend the Yin or Restorative classes on Friday nights, please note that Concerts in the Park continue in Fountain Square on Fridays in August.  You may find it convenient to park either in the Mariah’s lot behind The Pots Place or in the lot on Main Street across from U.S. Bank and to allow a little more time to reach class because of the increased traffic downtown.

Updating email address:  If your email address is changing from “insightbb” to “twc” or another service and you would like to continue to receive our messages, please let us know your new address so that we may update our contacts list.  Many thanks to those of you who have already shared your new address with us.
Studio access:  If you arrive at The Pots Place after a class has begun, remember that you can still join us.  Just go to the back entrance (look for the blue building) and press the buzzer next to the door; the teacher can then unlock that door from the studio.
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  1. Erica says:

    Love the hyperlink to the song!

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