Training Thursday: Leslie and Debbie M. study with Jason Crandell!

In this Training Thursday installment, we share news about a series of five, two-hour workshops that Leslie Weigel and Debbie Marquette completed with Jason Crandell. Titled The Next Evolution of Vinyasa Yoga, this training was hosted by Yogaview in Chicago, Illinois, and took place Oct. 4–6, 2019.

Leslie noted that the training “challenged me to explore the strength and rhythm of vinyasa.” In addition, she indicated that, although its primary focus was “on Vinyasa flow style yoga, Jason’s guidance about balance and variety in yoga practice offered me many new ideas that can apply to any style of yoga.” Finally, she found Jason “a great teacher and a good model for all yoga teachers—organized, funny, attentive to individual students while teaching to the whole group.”

Debbie echoed Leslie’s comments and noted that her “main takeaway” was “Jason’s encouragement to ‘thrive rather than survive in your practice’.” She continued, “I know that I have been guilty of ‘surviving,’ just hanging on in a pose or practice where effort dominates and ease is in the promise of savasana. Jason reminded me to take responsibility for my practice by being more present, taking my time, and exploring every element of my practice at a pace and level that allows me to flourish and prosper.”

We look forward to reaping the benefits of this training in the future classes we all take with Leslie and Debbie! If you would like to learn more about Jason, check out this 15-minute relaxing practice video.

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