Training Thursday: Shigeko studies anatomy and yoga for children

During the pandemic, some of our teachers have been very busy expanding their knowledge of yoga and how to teach it. In today’s post, we begin to catch up with Shigeko Sleeper by sharing information about two of her several 2020 trainings!

On a weekend in April, Shigeko completed a Leslie Kaminoff Workshop through Harmony Therapeutic Yoga. Of this 12-hour workshop, she comments, “Leslie is a great anatomy teacher. It was good to go back to study the fundamental concept, the base of the support, the range of the motions and the center of the gravity that are important when we practice yoga.”

During a weekend in May, Shigeko spent 12 hours in Mira Binzen’s Yoga for Children training offered through Global Family Yoga. Her biggest takeaway from that workshop is to determine how best to support children’s growth through their practice: “when we teach yoga to children, it is important to consider their age group, which determines what poses we can teach and how long we can hold the poses because we don’t want to hinder their growth (physically and mentally).”

Congratulations to Shigeko on completing these two workshops, and stay tuned to this space on future Thursdays to learn more about her—and other teachers’—training experiences!

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