April 2015 focus and class schedule

After an especially snowy and cold winter, we now see new life rising out of the dark underworld of hibernation and into the light: grass is getting greener, bulbs are emerging, buds are swelling! Can you picture yourself flinging your arms out, arching backward, and opening your heart and face to the warmth of this light? Imagine the spine rounded and draped over the thighs in child’s pose as a seed in winter. Then, as the seed begins stir, the spine unfurls and straightens to stand on knees, stretches and lengthens back, and allows the heart to open and shine like the sun in camel pose.

As we open to the emotions evoked by spring, it is still important to stay grounded. Sometimes we have to confront fear, anxiety, anger, jealously, envy, and/or greed (emotions associated with the three lower energy centers of the body) on the way to feeling radiant and expansive joy (accessed in the heart energy center of the body).

Just as the sun gives its light unconditionally, allow yourself to expand and open your heart unconditionally while, at the same time, remaining aware of the grounding, root energy into the earth. This April, we invite you to rise and shine!

We look forward to practicing with you this month, and we are pleased to announce two Easter classes, a new time for the Restorative class, a new teacher for the Flow class, and two special events.

Easter classes, new class time, new teacher, and special events:

  • Easter classes: On Easter (April 5), we offer two opportunities to practice: the 4 p.m. Basics class and the 5:45 p.m. Restorative class.
  • New time for Sunday Restorative class: In April, the Sunday Restorative class will begin at 5:45 p.m. for those of you who have asked for an earlier start time. Restorative yoga turns on the healing relaxation response by combining gentle yoga poses, using props, with conscious breathing. No yoga experience is required, and students who have difficulty managing stress or falling asleep easily may find this relaxing style of yoga especially helpful.
  • New teacher for Flow class: While Eri enjoys a maternity break from teaching, we welcome Chie Tanaka to the Flow class. Chie, originally from Yokohama, Japan, has been a faithful student of Hatha Yoga since 2004, when she began living in Atlanta, Georgia. After moving to Bowling Green in 2007, Chie continued her practice and, in 2010-11, completed yoga teacher training with Kim Herald and Angie Jones. Since then, Chie has taught yoga as a service to Japanese housewives who have accompanied their husbands (dispatched employees) to Bowling Green. Aside from her commitment to practicing yoga, Chie is frequently active in many other recreational activities such as trail hiking, 5K racing, and rock-climbing.
  • Talk/meditation session: To participate in the monthly discussion and meditation event, join Juanita on Friday, April 17, immediately following the Yin class. There is no charge for this session, and everyone is welcome to learn more about meditation and its benefits and to experience a short meditation.
  • Ayurveda Workshop: Ayurveda 101: On Saturday, April 18, Susan Polk is hosting a 4-hour workshop with Jaya Ramamurthy, an ayurvedic specialist from Atlanta. The workshop fee is $50 and includes a light, vegetarian lunch. Please see Jaya’s website to learn more about her, and contact Susan (at susanapolk@gmail.com) with questions or to register.

For a full list of April classes, please see the calendar section of the site or a hard copy available at The Pots Place.

Additional useful information:

Accessing studio after class has begun: Remember that even if you are running late when the gallery downstairs is closed, you can still join us for class. If the front door is locked, come to the back door of The Pots Place (look for the blue building) and ring the buzzer. The teacher will then unlock the door remotely for you to enter through the pottery studio.

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