Introducing new teacher: Sally Swiatek

We are pleased to welcome a new teacher, Sally Swiatek!  We asked Sally to share some information about herself and her yoga experiences:

I was introduced to yoga in 2000 by my mom. She had gone to a power yoga class that was crazy hard and said that I would love it. I was teaching fitness classes at the time (spin, kickboxing, step, sculpt) and was competing in triathlons and adventure races. At the same time, I was raising my two kids alongside my husband.

We have moved around quite a bit for work, but I have always been able to continue teaching fitness and yoga in some capacity. I became a registered yoga teacher (RYT) after completing my 230+ hour teacher training with Stephanie Keatch at the Asheville Yoga Center in North Carolina. Her course covered many different disciplines of yoga, and the intentional variety of instructors gave me a very broad yet deep understanding of yoga.

There is still so much to learn, so I am looking into obtaining the next level of teacher training–300 additional hours, to earn my RYT 500. I love the way yoga helps the body with stretching and relaxation; I love the way it helps the mind to be still and focus; and I love the way it helps the spirit to accept, forgive, and embrace life.

In April, Sally is teaching four Flow classes (Mon., 4/6; Mon., 4/20; Wed., 4/22; and Mon., 4/27).   We hope you are able to join us to welcome Sally and to enjoy a challenging practice together!

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