Party for Eri (& week’s schedule adjustments)

As we recently shared in an email, Eri will soon be leaving Bowling Green to move to Dallas.  We want to make sure everyone who wants to practice with Eri or wish her farewell has an opportunity to do so.  As a result, we have made a couple of schedule adjustments for this week:

  • Wednesday, 12/16, beginning around 7 p.m.:  goodbye gathering for Eri at the studio (at the conclusion of her final Flow class).  This casual gathering is a potluck with 4yoga providing some finger foods and beverages.  Please bring anything you would like to share–but, most importantly, your good wishes for Eri and her family.
  • Friday, 12/18, 5:30 p.m.:  Eri will teach the Yin class to provide another opportunity for us to join her in a practice.  The monthly talk/meditation session will not meet after the Yin class, as originally scheduled, which will provide extra time to socialize with Eri.

Please join us on one or both of these evenings to let Eri know how much we appreciate her contributions to the 4yoga community!

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