Invitation: Theater Workshop on Wed., Feb. 8, 4 p.m.

Update (2/6):  Although this theater workshop has been canceled, you can find out more about the project by attending Hannah Drake’s presentation at IdeaFestival Bowling Green on March 15.

WHAT:  Rehearsing Justice:  Culture of Change Workshop
WHEN:  Wed., Feb. 8, 4–5:10 p.m. with 30 minutes afterward for refreshments and feedback
WHERE:  The Pots Place, 2nd floor studio and lounge
COST:  Free!

Since last April, one of our teachers, Emily Stewart, has been working on an arts fellowship in Louisville dealing with health equity (i.e., fair access to all the things that influence community wellness) in the Smoketown neighborhood.

Part of her work has been designing a series of interactive events called “Rehearsing Justice: Culture of Change Workshops.” These workshops use fun, group-oriented theatre games to explore the relationship between justice and health equity for Smoketown residents. Each event is specially designed to incorporate the goals of the community organization that is hosting it.

Before the series kicks off in Louisville, Emily would like to offer a free “practice” workshop in Bowling Green! While helping Emily get a trial run of leading one of her workshops with a live group, you will get to:

  • think about aspects of social justice from a yogic perspective
  • get curious about how you can effect change in your own life, family, or community
  • collaborate to brainstorm ideas and envision ways to overcome challenges
  • play games and have fun!

To register (or if you have any questions), please email Emily at with your name and that of anyone attending with you.

Thank you!

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