Yoga for osteoporosis: Dr. Fishman’s method

In some of our recent Gentle classes, we have been discussing how to practice yoga safely after receiving a diagnosis of osteoporosis. One topic of conversation has been Dr. Loren Fishman’s study that revealed promising results for people who practiced 12 yoga poses daily.

For an overview of the project and its poses, check out the 18-minute video of Dr. Fishman explaining the study, an instructor cueing the poses, and models demonstrating variations of each pose. You will likely see several poses that you already do in many of your yoga classes!

To read a more detailed explanation of the research project and its results, see this article from a 2016 issue of Topics in Geriatric Rehabilitation.

Edited to add (2/6): Angie has also communicated with her physical therapist and learned that working with a physical therapist can be helpful, even if osteoporosis is not causing a specific problem. The PT can assess current movement patterns and provide advice about the best way to exercise.

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