Training Thursday: Deb L. completes Level 1 Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Program!

Welcome to another Training Thursday installment!  

This week, we share the news of an extensive Ayurveda training that Deb Logan completed in June and July with James Bailey and through Sanctuary for Yoga in Nashville!

And by “extensive,” we mean 150 hours!  In fact, this Level 1 Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Programis so substantial that it satisfies the entire elective requirements for Deb’s 300-hour yoga teacher training at Sanctuary.  Here is what Deb had to say about her experiences:

This course demonstrated the complexities of India’s ancient system of healing practices, a system not reducible to those on-line dosha quizzes currently trending in the West. Ayurveda’s primary principle is disease prevention through diet and lifestyle choices, aiming to establish and maintain the balance necessary for a resilient immune system. 

The biggest takeaway for me is that far more of our health outcomes are self-manageable than we might assume. Ayurveda posits that anyone can improve quality of health and life by applying the mindfulness we bring to yoga practice to other aspects of our lives, from the food we eat to the screens we watch.

The course provided in-depth guidance and resources that complement yoga practice and lifestyle; it’s great for developing self-knowledge and for deepening comprehension of yogic healing.

Read more about James Bailey’s Ayurveda program at Sanctuary here.  And, for an opportunity to learn from Deb directly, join her for a Sept. 7 workshop at Harmony Therapeutic Yoga.

Cover of the AWCP Course Catalog
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