February (2023) schedule: 32 classes + return of book club!

Being well into the month of February, we have already enjoyed many opportunities to practice together at the studio—thank you to everyone who has joined us for a February class!

With this month’s message, we’re sharing a special invitation to stop by for a class later in the month and to join us for the return of our book club on the last Sunday of the month.  We would love to see you at the studio:  check out the online calendar for all the options.

For the book club, we are happy to offer a chance to gather and discuss Stolen Focus:  Why You Can’t Pay Attention—and How to Think Deeply Again on Sun., Feb. 26, at 1 p.m. in the upstairs lounge at The Pots Place.  Heather and Angie are co-hosting and will provide a few beverages and snacks, along with cups, plates, and utensils.  If you are able to bring a snack to share, we would welcome your contribution, but the only thing you need to bring is yourself.

We expect to devote most of the February discussion to chapters 1-9, saving the second half of the book for a future meeting.  However, please join us regardless of how much of the book you have been able to complete.

If you prefer borrowing to buying, know that the Warren County Public Library has the book in three formats:  hard copy, e-book, and audio book.  (Should you find Facebook reminders helpful, check out the event page we created.)

Finally, please note that The Pots Place is closed this month for its traditional winter break.  As a result, the shop may look quieter than usual when you arrive for an afternoon class; however, our schedule remains the same.

We look forward to seeing you soon for class, conversation, or both!

The Capitol
Feb. 11, 2023
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