January 2013 focus & schedule

As we move through the holiday season, we are reminded that our culture is not very proficient in practicing stillness and experiencing silence and yet that is exactly what nature is doing as the season of winter deepens.  We are highly active in our doing, achieving, pushing, and forcing things to happen.  As the bustle of the holidays winds down, even our intentions to undo the effects of over indulgence have a pushing and forceful aspect to them.

Let’s have a long exhale and rest, be still, feel the silence and listen.  Listen to the inner voice of yourself.  One might guess that we fear inner stillness and silence as we cover it with a constant barrage of electronic distractions and activity.  To avoid feelings of depression and slothful inertia, invite the light of awareness and acceptance into your stillness.

Now is the time, as we align with the natural world around us in hibernation, to set intentions and clear the mind so it may be a fertile place for them to manifest.  Discover and receive the tremendous power of stillness and silence.  Follow this link to an article titled “Know Thyself” by Swami Rama to inspire you and give you some tools to use for some winter introspection.

We welcome all who would like to begin, reinvigorate, or continue their yoga practice to join us in 2013.  The beginner class will continue to meet on Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m., including on New Year’s Day, and new students are encouraged to join us at any time.  We would like to remind anyone who is running late to a class that although we lock the front door (facing the square) at the start of class time, you may still attend class by entering through the back door (facing Mariah’s).

Upcoming guest teachers and special events:

  • Monday, 12/31 (New Year’s Eve):  9 a.m. mixed class with Angie (all are welcome)
  • Tuesday, 1/1 (New Year’s Day):  9 a.m. mixed class with Kim (all are welcome).  Please notice this class replaces the usual Tuesday-morning gentle class today only.
  • Tuesday, 1/8:  9:30 a.m. gentle class with Susan Polk
  • Tuesday, 1/8:  5:30 p.m. beginner class with Linda Hendrickson
  • Monday, 1/14:  5:30 p.m. flow class with Linda Hendrickson
  • Friday, 1/25:  6:45 p.m. discussion and meditation following the yin class (all are welcome, no fee)

Additional housekeeping details:

  • Renovations and updates to The Pots Place will begin soon.  As this project progresses, we will keep everyone posted via email and Facebook about any temporary changes in how to access the studio for classes.
  • Although we hope not to have to use it, we have set an inclement weather policy in case of snow.  If we need to cancel class because of the weather, we will announce that cancellation at least one hour before the beginning of the class, and we will share the cancellation both via email and on Facebook.  If you would like us to add a supplemental email address for you so that you receive these notices quickly (e.g., if you want both your work and home addresses in our list), please let us know.

For the full January schedule, please see either the 2013_01_4yoga_schedule (downloadable and printable PDF) or the calendar section of this site.

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