September 2013 focus and schedule

The transition month of September brings us to the end of summer days.  Transitions in life are inevitable and challenge us to come back to our center as we adjust to that “wobbling ” of change.

Mastering transitions is a skill that our yoga practice can help us with.  In a practice, you can be aware of all the stages of every pose and notice how it feels to finally settle into the expression of, let’s say, child’s pose, and then how it feels to release that pose and move into the next pose.  There may be a resistance to change if it is one of your favorites, or a relief if it is a pose that you don’t like.  Just notice that there is something there in response to the change no matter what it is.

One way to stay in your center throughout any change that can throw you off balance is to breathe into your belly as you connect with the deepest core of what you believe in or what brings you great passion and  joy.  Take this feeling into the space of your abdomen with your breath and ground yourself there.  Allow yourself to be centered in this essence of who you are.

In this spirit of transition, the September schedule features a new class at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesdays.  We have added this Basics class, taught by Susan Polk, in response to requests to provide another Basics-level practice during the week and as an alternative to the 5:30 p.m. class time.  We look forward to seeing both returning and new students on Tuesday afternoons.

To review the full month’s class schedule, please see the calendar section of this site or pick up a hard copy at the studio.

September special events:
  • Monday, 9/2 (Labor Day):  9:00 a.m.  Mixed-level class with Kim (all levels of experience are welcome).
  • Friday, 9/20:  6:45 p.m.  Talk/meditation led by Juanita (all are welcome, no charge).
  • Friday, 9/27:  2-year anniversary of the founding of 4yoga!  Celebrate by practicing with Kim this weekend or by visiting Angie at the Information Booth at the Bowling Green International Festival in Circus Square Park on Saturday.
Updating email address:  If your email address is changing from “insightbb” to “twc” or another service and you would like to continue to receive our messages, please let us know your new address so that we may update our contacts list.  Many thanks to all of you who have already shared your new address with us.
Studio access:  If you arrive at The Pots Place after a class has begun, remember that you can still join us.  Just go to the back entrance (look for the blue building) and press the buzzer next to the door; the teacher can then unlock that door from the studio.
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