October 2013 focus and schedule

October invites us to “come to our senses,” witnessing the changing color of foliage that delights our sense of sight, feeling the cooler air on the skin as a reaction to the sense of touch, and experiencing the sense of smell by catching a whiff of the musky fallen leaves.

Our yoga practice is not confined to showing up for class or sitting in a cross-legged posture to meditate.  In fact, the essence of all yoga practice is in learning to focus your attention on what you are experiencing.

A great practice both on and off the mat for this month is to use the senses as doorways to go beyond them.  If you want to do this, each day choose one of the five cognitive senses (hearing, touching, seeing, tasting, or smelling) and spend some time focusing your attention on that sense.  Just notice what you experience!  You may notice that the practice brings you to an expansion of your awareness, to a deeper experience of being fully present in the moment.  Happy Sensing!

We hope to practice with you in October; to review the month’s class schedule, please see the calendar section of this site.

October special event and schedule adjustment:

  • Friday, 10/11:  6:45 p.m. Talk/meditation led by Juanita (all are welcome, no charge).
  • Saturday, 10/19:  10:00 a.m. start time for Basics class because of The Medical Center’s 10K Classic.

Studio access:  If you arrive at The Pots Place after a class has begun, remember that you can still join us.  Just go to the back entrance facing Mariah’s (look for the blue building) and press the buzzer next to the door; the teacher can then unlock that door remotely.

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