Angie completes Yin immersion

We are pleased to announce that Angie recently completed a 20-hour training specifically focused on Yin yoga. This immersion, held at Sanctuary for Yoga in Nashville, was led by Liz Stewart, who teaches Sanctuary’s Yin classes and who has studied with Bernie Clark, author of popular books on Yin and founder of, an excellent online resource on this style of yoga.

From the training, Angie learned that we are fortunate to have so many teachers interested in learning about and teaching Yin yoga; most of the other participants are the only people in their area who are teaching Yin, which keeps them from being able to take other Yin classes. She also was introduced to new ideas about sequencing a Yin class and appreciated hearing teachers’ perspectives on how much talking (and about what topics) and how much silence best helps their students explore the practice.

Although this training was Sanctuary’s first one focused on Yin, the studio plans to make it an annual event. While Angie took it as an elective for her 300-hour training program, it is open both to teachers and to students. Therefore, those of you who would like an opportunity to study and practice Yin for 20 hours over a weekend can keep an eye on the Workshops/Events section of Sanctuary’s website to see when the next one will be held.

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