Curious about Sivananda yoga? Join Emily for a Basics class in June!

Several of you already have had opportunities to take class with Emily Pike Stewart, who moved to Bowling Green last August, and to enjoy the style of yoga she teaches, Sivananda. For folks who are unfamiliar with Sivananda yoga but interested in learning more, Emily has shared this description.

Created by Swami Vishnudevananda in the 1950s as part of his mission to introduce Western students to traditional yoga, Sivananda classes are taught worldwide and intersperse breathing practices and challenging but low-impact movements with brief periods of deep relaxation. This combination boosts energy and focus, strengthens/lengthens the muscles, stabilizes balance, and improves spinal and nerve health while calming the body, mind, and spirit.

Everyone is welcome in a Sivananda class! Variations are available for differing levels of experience or ability. The basic Sivananda sequence remains the same in each class, offering the opportunity to witness your own progression over time. Sivananda is a welcoming, accessible, classical practice that teaches us yoga is greater than physical exercise and can be as easy or as challenging as we need it to be. For more information, visit

To experience Sivananda yoga yourself, join Emily for a Basics class this month on Tues., 6/6, or Tues., 6/13, both at 4 p.m.!

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