Training Thursday: Frances enrolls in extensive anatomy module

Welcome to a new occasional series on our blog, Training Thursdays!  As yoga teachers, we are also always students, and this series will highlight some of our training experiences, both in-progress and completed.

To kick off the series, we are taking a look at Frances‘ enrollment in Yoga Anatomy Fundamentals, a 40+ hour hybrid class.  Taught by Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews, the authors of the popular text Yoga Anatomy, this training helps yoga teachers establish a broad base of knowledge.  It provides analogies and stories and guides the instructor through physical experiments that make anatomical knowledge both accessible and meaningful.

Leslie and Amy are internationally recognized experts in and teachers of anatomy, breathing, and body work. They guide yoga instructors through more than 20 hours of online lesson content, using the text and lesson sheets, and 20 hours of in-class group training to discuss, share movement exercises, and further explore.

Frances notes:

I chose this training because I felt that this would give me additional tools to apply to my own practice and to access as an instructor. I would like to be able to use this material to make poses accessible for any student, to be able to know what to do when students have an injury and still want to practice, and be able to use simple cues to help each student to find success on the mat.

We all look forward to benefitting from Frances’ enhanced anatomy knowledge!

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