Financial update while in-studio classes are suspended (and more than you wanted to know about 4yoga operations!)

We are enormously grateful to be part of the Bowling Green yoga community, however and wherever we are able to be together:  on our livestreamed classes, through your comments on our Facebook posts, and via email and Facebook messages.  Thank you for helping us all remain connected during this socially distant time!

Several of you have been kind enough to inquire about the studio’s finances and how to help 4yoga weather the storm of suspending in-studio classes.  Fortunately, our business model allows us to be minimally impacted by the current situation:  as an organization, 4yoga has always relied on your donations to the “kitty” (the jar on the kitchen counter).  

For in-person classes, your class fees have gone primarily to your teacher for that class, with a small amount (on a sliding scale) distributed to Kathie Downs, owner of The Pots Place.  Angie uses the money from the kitty to pay the website fees and buy supplies from the studio, but neither she nor the studio itself takes anything from those funds. 

One of the ways that we have been able to maintain the $5 class fee is because of our simple financial process:  as a studio, we collect and record Kathie’s monthly payments but otherwise do not manage money.  This method works very smoothly for our in-person classes, but it also leaves us without a comparably easy process for online classes.

Therefore, our online class model, developed in consultation with teachers at our Zoom meetings, is to continue to offer the 4yoga online classes at no charge.  Teachers are generously donating their time for those classes, which we much appreciate.

As we noted in our April message, individual teachers are now also offering what we’re calling “independent classes” that they arrange and share on their own platforms.  Those teachers will make their own decisions about class fees—if any—and payment options.

Should you voluntarily decide to compensate any teacher for a 4yoga class during this period (again, not expected), we encourage you to reach out to that teacher directly if you have her contact information.  If needed, you may also mail a check to the studio (c/o The Pots Place, 428 East Main Avenue, BG, KY 42101):  please make it out directly to the teacher (preferred) or, if for multiple teachers, to Angie (include a note about how to distribute the funds). 

Again, we appreciate your inquiries about how to keep supporting 4yoga at this challenging time.  In turn, we will continue to support you in your home practice until we are able to return to the studio!

A particularly creative class fee
January 2020
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