Training Thursday: Sydni completes Yin Immersion at Sanctuary in Nashville

For this installment of Training Thursday, we bring you news about Sydni Elhubishi completing a 15-hour training at Sanctuary for Yoga in Nashville back in late February/early March!   She spent a weekend being immersed in the study of Yin yoga with Elizabeth Stewart, RYT 500.

When asked for her biggest takeaways from the training, Sydni responded: “in Yin, the point is to be uncomfortable, but a manageable level of discomfort. We are asking tissues that are potentially stubborn, tight, or ‘set in their ways’ to change. It may have taken a long time for them to become what they are, so being patient as we ask them to change is important in this practice.”

She also appreciates the mind-body connection of the practice “because it’s all about the sensations you feel and how you handle those sensations. It is also a difficult practice because of the lack of movement. The question is ‘Can I sit and be with this discomfort without running away from it?’ It is a deep mental practice, as well as a physical one. ”       

For students beginning or returning to their Yin practice, Sydni suggests, “find your edge, or your wall, and make friends with it. Thank your body for the feedback it is giving you in whatever shape you’re in and be grateful for the connection you have with yourself. Let your mind steady and, as always, breathe deep.”

We are excited for Sydni to add her new Yin credentials to those of several of our other teachers!  To enjoy a Yin class with her, mark your calendars for Thurs., April 9, at 5:30 p.m., when she will be teaching via Facebook Live.April

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