Training Thursday: Beshka completes 108-hour meditation training!

Over a period of six months, Beshka Moore completed a meditation teacher training program through Full Circle Yoga School in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  This 108-hour program took place between Nov. 2020 and May 2021 and was provided by Jolie Wilson, the school’s owner and lead teacher, and Nina Chin, a facilitator.  

Beshka reports that “it was wonderful to have an entire training devoted to all things meditation.”  The course included both experiential components and strategies for sharing meditation with students, highlighting “what happens to our mind, body, and nervous system before, during, and after meditation.”  Beshka also notes that it “encourages getting used to writing and listening to my own meditations to prepare me to teach in front of students, either in person or through recordings.”

We hope that Beshka agrees to share what she learned by leading one of our ongoing monthly meditation sessions later this year!  In the meantime, to practice yoga with Beshka, please join her at her Glasgow studio, BMoore Balanced Yoga and Meditation, where she is now offering daily classes!

Beshka Moore 2021
(submitted photo)
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