Training Thursday: Shigeko completes Warriors at Ease Level 1 Training

As we approach the Memorial Day weekend, this Training Thursday post reports on what Shigeko Sleeper has learned about supporting veterans through yoga!  In February 2021, Shigeko completed the Level 1 training for Warriors at Ease.  

The Warriors at Ease approach was developed in 2006, growing out of its founders’ research on yoga and meditation at Walter Reed, and it has since grown into a network of more than 1,000 teachers.  Its approach is trauma-sensitive, evidenced-based, and informed by the unique aspects of military culture.  (For more information on the program and its instructors, see its page on Yoga International.)

Shigeko noted that the training taught her “how words and my own attitude can influence people with physical and mental challenges,” both veterans and non-veterans alike.  She mentioned the 30-hour program’s emphasis on understanding military life and culture as one of her biggest takeaways.  Finally, she stated, “there are many veterans who served for our country and came back wounded physically and mentally.  I am grateful if I can help even one of those veterans.”

We appreciate Shigeko for continuing to learn how yoga and meditation can assist members of our community who may not immediately seek out a studio and who may especially benefit from what yoga has to offer.

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