Welcome July: yoga classes, meditation workshop, new intro class!

As we move into July, we are excited to share the new month’s schedule, featuring 33 regular yoga classes and a meditation workshop.  We look forward to seeing you at the studio (for yoga classes) or on Zoom (for the meditation workshop)—or perhaps even both ways!

To join us for yoga classes, just drop in when your schedule allows.  If you are in town for the Independence Day holiday, we hope you can join us for a class! If you’re traveling this weekend, though, we look forward to seeing you later in the month.

In addition to our regularly scheduled classes, we are also excited to announce a new, more flexible, option for a private or semi-private introduction to yoga, provided at the time and date you select!  Read more here or start the scheduling process by completing this brief form.

July also provides another meditation workshop with guest teacher Danny Brewington!  Although this workshop is part of a series exploring the chakras individually, it is also a standalone experience—everyone is welcome, whether you are brand new to meditation, are beginning to develop a meditation practice, or have been meditating for years. 

About the workshop:  If disease is the result of an “imbalance,” then healing is the act of restoring balance. When our hearts are open and balanced, our very presence radiates love and joy. This love is the essence of true healing.

To open our hearts, we must transcend ego and our self-defined boundaries; only then can we merge into the ecstasy of love. In this class, we’ll look into the heart of the matter: the fourth chakra—the gateway between our humanity and our divinity. At the heart chakra level of consciousness, we can see how all things are unified by the power of love.

Join us as we continue the journey through the chakras and on the path to enlightenment.

About Danny Brewington: Danny is a Tennessee native who discovered meditation in 1987. Now, with over 30 years of study and practice, he enjoys great powers of concentration, breathing control, and expanded awareness. His understanding of meditation comes from a combination of philosophies, technologies, and life experiences. He hopes to inspire others to transform their lives with the power of meditation.

To register:  complete this brief form to sign up!  (Pre-registration and pre-payment is necessary to receive the Zoom link for this workshop.)

For the full July studio schedule, please see the calendar.

Public health: to practice ahimsa (non-harming), we continue to welcome vaccinated folks to in-studio classes.  Following current CDC guidance, masks are optional; however, please note that Warren County’s COVID-19 community level has increased from low to medium.  Therefore, teachers and students may be more likely to choose to mask.  (Data current as of June 29.)

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