Seeking a personalized introduction to yoga? Sign up for our new class!

During the first half of 2022, we have enjoyed welcoming folks to the studio for pre-scheduled, monthly Introduction to Yoga sessions. To offer more scheduling flexibility and provide more customized classes, we are happy to introduce a new, on-demand, model for introductory classes. Read on to learn about this new class, or click here if you are ready to schedule!

Do you want to explore yoga and how it can benefit you but are not sure where to begin? Or maybe you’ve been away from your practice for awhile and are looking for a refresher session? Let us help with an affordable, convenient Intro to Yoga class!

Prefer to have a private, 1:1 introduction? Great—this session is available to solo students!
Prefer to attend with friends? Wonderful—this session can accommodate up to 5 students!

About the class: In this casual, 60-minute class, Angie will welcome you to the 4yoga studio, review some of the many benefits of practicing yoga, and guide you through a brief and accessible yoga practice customized to your needs. We will also address your questions and discuss how to modify poses and use props.

Location: The 4yoga studio, which is located upstairs at The Pots Place in downtown Bowling Green, overlooking Fountain Square Park. Its address is 428 East Main Avenue.

Public health: We ask that you be vaccinated to attend, and we encourage but do not require participants to mask while in the building.

About the teacher: Angie Jones has been teaching yoga since 2011, when she completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program. Later that year, she collaborated with three other yoga teachers to found 4yoga, a studio designed to provide accessible and affordable yoga to the Bowling Green community. Angie has learned from and appreciates her many teachers, including at Sanctuary for Yoga in Nashville and at Duke Integrative Medicine in Durham, NC. She especially enjoys introducing folks to yoga and its many physical and mental benefits.

Investment: This introductory class is offered at a flat fee of $25 for 1-5 participants. Advance payment is required, using PayPal, Venmo, or check.

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