Take Some Yin and Call Me in the Morning (yin yoga as preventative maintenance)

Kim spotted this new blog post about the benefits of yin on the Yoga Journal website.  In it, Neal Pollack notes:

When most people, even people who practice, hear the phrase “did yoga,” they imagine a sweaty vinyasa flow class that gets your heart pumping and pulls your IT band from stem to stern. That’s not what I undertook. Instead, I put myself on a course of yin yoga. This is a style, performed either seated, prone, or  on your knees, where you hold poses for three to five minutes, often using props. It’s heavily influenced by traditional Chinese medicine, designed to stretch your connective tissue, massage your joints, put minimal heat on the muscles, and generally heal what ails you.

Pollack goes on to explain the ways he uses yin to ease his aches and pains and prevent new ones from developing.

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