February 2014 focus and schedule

Ooops!  We forgot to post the content of the February email earlier in the month, but here it is–better late than never!

With the holidays well behind us and the cold, dark snaps of winter sending us into hibernation mode, it seems like a good time to revisit the Yamas, those practices on the eight-fold path of yoga that address our connection to the outer world and our relationships with others.  Satya (truthfulness, honesty), which is the second Yama, comes to mind as a focus for this month of February.

Most people desire meaningful, fulfilling connection to others as an essential part of life.  Yet, as Brené Brown, a researcher of human connection, so beautifully lays out in a TED talk, the key obstacles that prevent us from achieving this goal to the fullest are shame and fear of being worthy.  In the effort to present ourselves in the images of who we think we should be, we lose our capacity to become vulnerable–the essential feature, according to Brown, in developing the deeper connection with others we are seeking.

The practice of Satya–truthfulness in our actions, speech, and thoughts–with ourselves is where to start if we would like to deepen our capacity to have meaningful relationships.  It is amazing to witness just how much we are not truthful with ourselves!  It is so easy to numb the uncomfortable feelings of shame instead of accepting ourselves as imperfect. (Those practitioners of yin yoga get good experience in accepting uncomfortable sensations!)  In the moments of stillness and silence more easily accessed in winter, be truthful with yourself; honor and accept all the fragments of yourself you have judged as unworthy and, as always, have compassion for yourself.  Then have the courage to be vulnerable in your relationships!

Schedule additions:

  • In February, we will officially welcome Eri Golden, who is offering a daytime Friday course.  Many of you have experienced Eri’s teaching during her two Sunday classes in January; now she will be teaching a Basics course each Friday, 1:30-2:40 p.m.  In describing her new course, Eri highlights its focus on strength and flexibility, noting that students will especially be able to build strength in their core and legs.  Eri is excited about sharing her Eastern-oriented knowledge of anatomy and philosophy with everyone and looks forward to helping students explore, release, experience inner and outer transformation–and, of course, have fun.
  • In February, we will also offer a Beginner class on Sunday afternoons at 3 p.m.  At this class, we look forward to introducing new students to yoga and to helping those who have not had opportunities to practice for awhile to get back into the yoga habit.  Students may join the class at any point; it will begin on the second Sunday of the month (2/9).

To review the full month’s class schedule, please see the calendar section of the site or pick up a hard copy at The Pots Place.

Upcoming special events:

  • Sunday, 2/2:  1 p.m. start time for the Basics class (to allow students to watch the Super Bowl later in the day).
  • Friday, 2/21: 5:30 p.m. Restorative class with Kim.
  • Friday, 2/21: 6:45 p.m. Talk and meditation hosted by Juanita (no charge, all are welcome).

Inclement weather policy: If we need to cancel class because of winter weather, we will announce that cancellation at least one hour before the beginning of the class, and we will share the cancellation notice both via email and on Facebook. If you would like us to add a supplemental email address for you so that you receive these notices quickly (e.g., if you want both your work and home addresses in our list), please let us know.

Studio access: If you arrive at The Pots Place after a class has begun, remember that you can still join us. Just go to the back entrance facing Mariah’s (look for the blue building) and press the buzzer next to the door; the teacher can then unlock that door remotely.

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