October 2015 focus and class schedule

The mood of October contains bittersweet overtones of sadness as the exhilarating colors and smells of the season signal what is next in the cycle, shutting down into the stillness of sleep. We can have the feeling of grasping to hold fleeting moments of beauty and warmth as we slide down this slope. Everyone knows these moments–when you become riveted in that split second, something clicks, and you are transported to another world.

As a practice, remember one of these moments and go into all the details, multi-dimensionally, with all the senses. Let the moment expand as you notice subtle nuances that you may have missed. The mind records everything; much more than we are normally aware of. Feel the sensations in your body. If you do this practice for a week, each day connecting to the aura of that moment, including the space around you, you may discover that a different time and dimension were present. Does this sound like woo woo? Our expanding knowledge of physics is telling us we ARE woo woo. Wow, now that is pretty amazing!

Enjoy the autumn harvest celebrations, bonfires, walks in the woods, and maybe add another evening yoga practice into your schedule so it can become routine before the holidays take over.

October updates:

  • Early-morning class–5:30 a.m. on Wednesdays. Calling all early risers! Chie’s 5:30 a.m. Basics class continues every Wednesday in October. Because of the early hour, please use the back door for access to the building: in fact, you may wish to park in the city parking lot behind the square and walk to the rear door (look for the blue building). Press the button to buzz the intercom into the studio, and Chie will let you in.
  • Three Sunday class options. Remember that we provide three opportunities to practice each Sunday: at 9 a.m. with Carly, at 4 p.m. with rotating teachers, and at 5:45 p.m. with Susan Polk and Richard. The 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. classes are both Basics level, so you can choose the one that best fits your schedule, and the 5:45 p.m. one is Restorative.
  • Monthly talk/meditation session. Juanita graciously continues to offer this special session in October, and it will take place on Friday, October 16, at 6:45 p.m. As always, there is no charge for this session, which provides a way to ask questions about and discuss meditation and experience a short meditation.
  • 4th anniversary celebration/wine and cheese party. As you know, 4yoga marked its 4th anniversary in September, and we will officially celebrate that milestone with a wine and cheese party on Friday, October 23. We hope you can join other members of our yoga community in the lounge that evening between 7 and 9 p.m.

For a full list of October classes, please see the calendar page or pick up a hard copy available at The Pots Place.

Accessing studio after class has begun: Remember that even if you are running late when the gallery downstairs is closed, you can still join us for class. If the front door is locked, come to the back door of The Pots Place (look for the blue building) and ring the buzzer. The teacher will then unlock the door remotely for you to enter through the pottery studio.

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