Enjoy an April @the Museum class!

Does the arrival of spring have you searching for beautiful outdoor spaces? Look no further than the Baker Arboretum and The Downing Museum! Come join us for an April yoga or meditation class at the museum and stroll the grounds of the arboretum while you’re there!

Whether you are already a fan of practicing at the museum or looking for a first class to experience in this lovely environment, we hope that you can join us in April; please see details below, and use the links to register. *

  • Yoga@the Museum:  join Leslie Weigel for this Basics-level practice on Sat., April 13, at 10:30 a.m. by registering here.  Our basics classes incorporate asanas (poses), breathing exercises, and awareness linking the breath to movement.  They focus on alignment, offer modifications to help students at varying levels of experience, and are moderately paced.
  • Yin@the Museum:  Chie Tanaka offers our third afternoon Yin practice at the museum, on Sat., April 20, at 4:30 p.m. Register here.  Yin yoga works the deeper layers of connective tissue to improve flexibility and hydration of the joints and tissue by using longer, deeper holds of specific, tailored poses. It often targets the lower back and hips, and it can also promote deep release of stress and tension from both body and mind.
  • Meditation@the Museum:  join Alice Simpson on Sat., April 27, at 10:30 a.m. to explore several meditation techniques, including mindfulness, guided, mantra, walking, and listening meditations.  We welcome both beginners and experienced meditators to this monthly session; register here.

* Please remember that, to respect the space in the art gallery, participants must pre-register for the @theMuseum classes.  In addition, if you register and later find that you cannot attend, please let me know immediately so that we can offer that space to another studen

Realize, too, that cancelling right before the class meets or no-showing prevents other students from being able to attend.  Please help us serve our community by honoring your registration commitment or by providing substantial advance notice if you absolutely cannot.

Daffodils at The Downing Museum with landscape in the background.
Daffodils at The Downing Museum
March 30, 2019
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