Fall into a November class at The Downing Museum!

We would love to welcome you to The Downing Museum and Baker Arboretum for yoga, meditation, or both in November! Whether you are already a fan of practicing at the museum or curious about these special monthly classes, we invite you to sign up today; see details below, and use the links to register. *

  • Yoga@the Museum:  join Angie Jones for this Basics-level practice on Sat., Nov. 9, at 10:30 a.m. by registering here.  Our basics classes incorporate asanas (poses), breathing exercises, and awareness linking the breath to movement.  They focus on alignment, offer modifications to help students at varying levels of experience, and are moderately paced.
  • Meditation@the Museum:  join Alice Simpson on Sat., Nov. 23 at 10:30 a.m. to explore several meditation techniques, including mindfulness, guided, mantra, walking, and listening meditations.  We welcome both beginners and experienced meditators; please register here.

* Registration requirement: to respect the space in the art gallery, participants must pre-register for all of our @the Museum classes.  If you register and later find that you cannot attend, please notify us know immediately so that we can offer that space to another student. 

Registration deadline: to allow us to prepare for the @the Museum classes, registration closes at noon the previous day or when the class reaches capacity, whichever occurs first.

Cancellation policy: participants who cancel the day the class meets or no-show prevent other students from being able to attend.  Therefore, please help us serve our community by honoring your registration commitment or by providing at least 24 hours’ advance notice if you cannot.

Exterior art at The Downing Museum
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