Looking for an engaging book and stimulating discussion? Join Alice for the May book club meeting!

Here’s a special invitation from Alice to join her as we re-start the 4yoga book club on Sun., May 17, at 1 p.m. via Zoom.

This seemingly uncomplicated book called The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz addresses some of life’s most difficult challenges and offers guidelines to a life of freedom and happiness. The first agreement teaches us the power of our words. We can create, ease suffering, and communicate compassion and love. Or we can destroy, cause suffering, and reject with indifference.

Focusing just on the first agreement, I have found references to the power of our words in countless cultures and spiritual texts. One that comes to mind is the Sufi saying, “Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates. At the first gate, ask yourself ‘Is it true.’ At the second gate ask, ‘Is it necessary.’ At the third gate ask, ‘Is it kind’.”

For most of us as we go about our days, we likely do not give much thought to our words. What would our life look like if we practiced the first agreement, “Be impeccable with your word,” and let our words pass through the three gates?

Let’s talk about this and the other three agreements at the 4yoga Book Club on Sun., May 17 at 1 p.m. via Zoom.

The Four Agreements

New to Zoom? No worries! Just click on this link to go directly to Alice’s meeting. Using video is optional, and you can even participate via the “chat” feature if you encounter any audio challenges. We look forward to discussing the book with you soon!

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