Meditation Made Easy returns on Jan. 21, 2023!

Would you like to begin the new year with meditation?

Whether you are curious about meditation and its benefits, new to meditating, returning to meditation after a break, or continuing to build your practice, we hope you can join us for the first Meditation Made Easy Workshop of 2023. Our workshop leader is Danny Brewington, who shares his decades of experiences as a meditator, yogi, and teacher of meditation and yoga with our community.

This 90-minute workshop takes place on Sat., Jan. 21, 2023, 11 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

To make the workshop easily accessible, we host it on Zoom. To make the workshop affordable, we offer it for an investment of $20. To learn more, keep reading. If you’re ready to sign up, register here.

About the workshop:

The ability to visualize what you want and then manifest it in the world is a power that we all have, but seldom can we utilize it effectively. It takes wisdom to filter out the noise of our fears and desires and to know intuitively what we truly need on the path of our evolution.

Our everyday perception is tuned to the outside world, but our “brow chakra” is tuned to psychic perception. This is the home of higher intelligence and intuitive understanding—wisdom beyond teaching or academic learning.

This workshop will explore the sixth chakra and how we can re-connect to this Infinite Field of intelligence. Join us as we continue the journey through the chakras and the path to enlightenment.

About the workshop leader:

Danny Brewington is a Tennessee native who discovered meditation in 1987. Now, with over 30 years of study and practice, he enjoys great powers of concentration, breathing control, and expanded awareness. His understanding of meditation comes from a combination of philosophies, technologies, and life experiences. He hopes to inspire others to transform their lives with the power of meditation.

How to register:

To sign up for the workshop, just complete this brief form and submit your payment. Angie will then forward you the Zoom link the evening before the workshop meets.

If you use Facebook and find it helpful to receive reminders from that platform, reply “interested” or “going” on the workshop’s event page. Post any questions you have to the event page and share it with friends who may also be interested.

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