January Wellness Series: 4 weeks of self-care exploration

At 4yoga, we practice wellness and want to share what we consider several foundations of wellness with our community! To allow you to sample different options and determine how each one might enhance your life, each week in the series will emphasize a different method.

We welcome anyone who is interested to join us for this series—we have designed it to be accessible to all, so experience is neither needed or expected!  We also have mats and yoga props available at the studio:  all you need to bring is yourself.

These 90-minute classes meet on Saturdays in January at 11 a.m., and, after each class concludes, we will provide light snacks in the lounge and host an optional discussion with students who have questions or topics to explore further.

Week 1 (1/6): introduction to and practice of Pilates.  This week we will review the history of this modality, including its founder, Joseph Pilates.  In addition to exploring what Pilates is and is not, Cassandra will lead us through Pilates exercises to learn how to practice safely to strengthen and tone our bodies.

Week 2 (1/13):  Introduction to and practice of hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation.  This week we will practice not only moving with intention but also setting intentions for 2018; in addition, Cassandra will guide us through mindfulness meditation techniques that we can apply to reduce stress.

Week 3 (1/20):  introduction to and practice of Anjali Restorative yoga.  This week Angie will lead us through a class in the Anjali style of restorative yoga, which is a rich practice of deep and meditative support, both physically and emotionally. We will be held by bolsters, pillows and blankets for sustained periods of time in deeply rejuvenating postures.

Week 4 (1/27):  introduction to mindful eating and how to apply mindful eating practices to enhance our health year-round.  In this session, Cassandra will also lead a gentle yoga practice with a somatic (body-focused) meditation.  Finally, we will re-visit previous weeks’ content and discuss other wellness options.

To join us and begin 2018 with this exploration of wellness, use this link to register:  https://tinyurl.com/4yoga-wellness .

For this four-week series, the fee is $50.


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