February rotating classes: try something new!

In January, we launched a new Sunday-afternoon class that meets at 2 p.m. and is different each week: the rotating class. During January, the rotating classes highlighted types of yoga that are already on our schedule. In February, we feature new options to allow students to explore other styles or types of yoga.

We invite you to join us for one or all four of our February rotating classes!

  • On Sun., Feb. 3, Tori will offer a Mudras & Asana class. The class will teach and explain several mudras (gestures) and combine them with sets of connected asanas (postures). The pace of the class will be a slow flow, and the asanas will offer options for progressions.
  • On Sun., Feb. 10, join Frances for a Chair-Assisted Office yoga class. This class will help those who work in a technology-based workplace with simple, easy techniques to help stretch, strengthen, and move the entire body while either seated or using a chair as a prop.
  • On Sun., Feb. 17, Chie will offer an Introduction to Flow class. In flow yoga, each movement is synchronized to a breath. This introductory class will break down two common flow sequences: Surya Namaskār (Sun Salutation) A and B. It will also combine basic standing poses in dance-like, graceful, flowing sequence.
  • On Sun., Feb. 24, join Leslie to explore the asanas (poses), prana (breathing), and chakras (energy spirals) associated with the Five Tibetan Rites practice of Tibetan monks. We will learn the five movements, and then alternate movement with the study of the major chakras affected by the Tibetan rites.
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