4yoga participates in WKU Staff Senate’s Woo-Sah Wednesday

On Wednesday, July 17, Heather, Leslie, and Angie set up a table at a wellness event hosted by WKU’s Staff Senate. This four-hour, pop-up event in the Downing Student Union provided opportunities to talk with WKU staff members about the benefits of yoga and meditation and to share options to practice at our studio and at The Downing Museum.

Heather notes that she enjoyed talking with members of the campus community about yoga and seeing them “light up when we told them that it was only $5 with certified teachers.” She also heard from many participants that they were surprised that yoga was not included in the campus wellness program.

Several participants told Angie about the anxiety and stress that they have been feeling with the budget challenges on campus. They indicated that they were looking for healthy strategies to help them manage the changes in their work areas, whether seeing co-workers lose their jobs or taking on more responsibilities themselves to meet their units’ ongoing needs.

We awarded three pairs of gift certificates to randomly chosen folks who signed up for our email list, and we hope to see both those staff members and several others at future classes. Thank you to the Staff Senate for inviting us to participate!

Leslie demonstrates Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana II)
photo credit: Heather Kessler
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