Training Thursday: Leslie hosts 4yoga teacher workshop!

To conclude 2019, we bring you a new kind of training update: one where the teachers of 4yoga have met to learn from and with each other. Based upon a teacher’s suggestion, 4yoga launched a quarterly teacher workshop schedule in 2019, with teachers taking turns leading the sessions in areas where they have had additional training and/or have developed specific expertise.

In February, Frances led four of us in a brief chair practice, discussing what she has learned about using chairs to make poses more accessible to a variety of students. She also distributed a pair of useful handouts so that we can all improve our ability to provide chair yoga to students.

In May, Angie facilitated a discussion about sequencing classes successfully. She collected advice and tips from thirteen of us in advance via an online survey and synthesized that information into a handout for the seven of us who continued the conversation in person.

Although we were unable to meet in August, we resumed in November with a lively discussion hosted by Leslie at her home. On Nov. 16, nine 4yoga teachers gathered to enjoy delicious food and to talk about what we have learned from recent teacher trainings. To help prompt our conversation, Leslie posed two questions in advance:

  1. Does the practice of yoga need to evolve to reflect the needs of today’s student?
  2. What have we learned in recent study about how to ensure safe and balanced practices for our students?

We enjoyed getting to know each other and discussing ways that we can continue to build upon—and, in some cases, revise—what we have earlier learned and taught. We agreed that our common goal is to prepare and share sequences to help students build strength, increase flexibility, and enhance balance.

Oh, and we mustn’t forget to mention Leslie’s co-host for the event—the charming Spot, who eagerly awaited our arrival!

Spot watches for guests
Nov. 2019
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