Training Thursday: Shigeko completes two modules with Sanctuary for Yoga

As you can tell from recent Training Thursday posts, Shigeko Sleeper has been devoting a great deal of time to completing continuing education workshops in the past year!  Today we bring you information about two of those trainings that contributed toward her 300-hour teacher training program at Sanctuary for Yoga in Nashville.

  • In August 2020, Shigeko completed Advanced Sequencing:  The Sacred Architecture of a Class, one of the five core modules for Sanctuary’s program.  This 30-hour training, taught by Sanctuary’s founders Daphne Larkin and Tom Larkin, “explore[s] the relationships between asanas and the deliberate unfolding of a sequence to a peak.”  About the module, Shigeko comments, “this training helped me learn how to plan and execute flow classes,” increasing her confidence in offering that style of class.
  • In December 2020, Shigeko completed Anatomy, a 20-hour elective module for the 300-hour program. This module was taught by Sonjé Mayo and Daphne Larkin.  As Shigeko notes, anatomy is an area where teachers build foundations of understanding in our 200-hour training programs and later benefit from returning to formal study to “reinforce [our] knowledge and remind [us] how important it is to teach yoga in a safe manner.”

We appreciate Shigeko’s dedication to continuing her own learning about yoga and the teaching of yoga, and we enjoy the opportunities to reap the benefits of these trainings in her classes!

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