Preparing for June: information about returning to the studio!

In the June email, we will share more details about our month’s schedule, which will include three outdoor weekly classes, one indoor weekly class, three additional classes, and a Zoom meditation workshop.  We are looking forward to all of these opportunities to practice together!

If you are vaccinated, we will welcome you back to the studio for a weekly Chair class, which will meet at 9 a.m. on Thursdays. Angie and Frances will teach these classes.  If you are not vaccinated, please join us for outdoor classes or the Zoom meditation workshop.

To prepare to attend an indoor class, please review this post carefully.  If you have questions that we have not yet addressed, please send us an email at so that we can answer for you—and maybe add them, anonymously, to this post, as well!

Preparing for indoor (studio) classes

Please follow these steps to prepare to take a studio class:

  1. Pack your mat and any props you would like to use.  (The props closet is not currently open; however, chairs are provided.)
  2. Arrive 10-20 minutes before class begins to give yourself time to sign in and get settled.
  3. Enter the front door of The Pots Place and come up the stairs to the studio. 

Location:  upstairs at The Pots Place, 428 East Main Avenue.

Class fee:  $10.

FAQs for indoor (studio) classes

Please review these questions and answers to help you prepare for indoor classes.  We look forward to seeing you at the studio!

Q:  How will you determine vaccine status?

A:  We will trust each member of our community to practice the first two Yamas—ahimsa (non-harming) and satya (truthfulness)—and only attend indoor classes if fully vaccinated.

Q:  Will masks be required?

A:  No, following the CDC’s guidelines for fully vaccinated people.  Of course, you are welcome to wear one if you prefer.  

Q:  Is it necessary to pre-register or pre-pay?

A:  No.  We will continue to offer classes on a drop-in basis to be convenient.

Q:  Will there be a limit on the number of students per class?

A:  No.  Because everyone at indoor classes will be vaccinated, we will not limit class size.  However, we expect students to return gradually, as they feel comfortable.

Q:  How will the sign-in process work?

A:  We will use our traditional sign-in process with paper sign-in sheets.

Q:  What are my payment options for the $10 class fee?

A:  We continue to appreciate cash payments.  However, teachers will also post information at the studio that includes the digital platforms they use, typically PayPal, Venmo, or both.

Q:  Will mats, blankets, blocks, straps, and bolsters be available?

A:  In June, we will be providing only chairs as props.  Please bring your own mat and any other props you would like to use.

Q:  Why is only one class meeting indoors in June?  And why a Chair class?

A:  With our return to the studio, we are especially eager to see students from our previous Gentle classes and support them in their return to a consistent practice.  Chairs provide us with a single, easily cleaned prop for these classes.

Thanks to Frances Strickler, Dewey Strickler, Heather Kessler, and Angie Jones for cleaning the studio!
(photo credit: Heather Kessler)
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